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10 Automation Testing Trends To Lookout For In 2024

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Automation Testing Trends To Lookout


Technology has seen a rise in automation testing in recent years. Despite all of these changes, test automation is still a crucial component of software development. It is one of those parts of the tech industry that is evolving at a rapid pace.  With test automation, testers can take proactive action to ensure product functionality remains as intended throughout the testing cycle, rather than just identifying bugs in an application. In Test Automation Trends 2024, testers will learn how new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, play a significant role in testing and how to improve testing tactics.

Following the test automation trends that you are about to read below will help you to understand and implement those tactics to make sure that the software that you have worked on is fulfilling the industry standards, quality, and compliance requirements and that they are all scalable.

1- AI-driven QA Transformation

At first, AI may seem a gimmick or a tool but now it has become a major part of Automated testing. It is making the automated testing processes more efficient and precise. This trend is changing the classical approaches of automated testing, making the whole team able to automate procedures for optimized test assets management. AI-based analytics algorithms with traceability improve automated test case design for test-driven development (TDD), guaranteeing a high coverage rate, low maintenance efforts, and overall code correctness.


This innovation scans through each line of code providing refactoring opportunities, the improvement of the coding standards, and quick response to vulnerabilities. AI in automated testing symbolizes a transformation, shortening the process and making testing more advanced leading to improved software quality.

AI-driven QA Transformation

2- The rise of Self-healing tools

The main concept of the self-healing tools in automated testing is that the testers can find and fix the errors even before they occur. The best thing about these machine learning tools is that they learn with their experience so when more tests are performed the more intelligent they will become. This will enable the testing team to create even better and stable tests. The tools will analyze millions of bits of data flowing through a DevOps pipeline to refine those bits into meaningful takeaways, which will help stakeholders make informed decisions. This will improve testing pipelines by making them leaner, faster, and smarter.

Self-healing tools

3- Blockchain Testing

In blockchain testing, the interconnected ledger system linking various blocks is verified for security and dependability. Among each block within a group, there is a software application associated with a particular node. Testing blockchain databases and ledgers extends beyond security concerns to assess their load capacity and scalability. Different industries are considering blockchain performance so making sure the reliability of blockchain application performance is crucial. Decentralized systems must be tested frequently to ensure their integrity and security. Verification involves testing the mechanisms, smart contracts, and immutability of the data embedded in blockchain platforms.
Blockchain Testing

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4- IoT Testing:

IoT has become a major part of our lives and as time passes by more and more innovations are transforming the IOT experience for average users. As a huge number of IOT users are adopting the IOT technology, a thorough testing strategy has become another major trend in automation testing in 2024. As part of the testing process, testers should ensure that data integrity, smooth connectivity, and user experience are consistent across different devices and scenarios. This trend is even getting stronger in 2024 as testers will have to consistently test the challenges they will be presented with.

IoT Testing

5- Hyper Automation Testing

Hyper automation brings q revolution in a testing environment. This approach outperforms traditional test automation by involving AI and ML. In fact, it applies these technologies not only to automate repetitive tasks but also to the decision-making processes. Hyper-automation testing enables companies to achieve the highest levels of speed and accuracy in their testing processes. The biggest advantage of hyper-automation is in improving testing throughout the entire software development life cycle. Starting from test case generation to result analysis, AI and ML algorithms automate processes, thus reducing manual intervention. This not only speeds up the testing process but also guarantees comprehensive test coverage.

Hyper Automation Testing

6- Geolocation Testing

As the modern software development landscape is evolving at a faster pace, the dependency on reliable applications has increased around the globe. This is the reason why it is crucial to guarantee the application or software is working effectively across different time zones and languages. The Geolocation testing will make sure that the application is globally compatible. The tester will overcome any challenges and errors that users will have to face globally.

Geolocation Testing

7- No-Code/Low-Code Testing

Testing is becoming more accessible to non-technical stakeholders as no-code and low-code development becomes increasingly popular. In modern automation tools, business analysts and subject matter experts can design and run tests without having much coding experience because their interfaces are simple yet intuitive. The essence of low-code testing is that it assists in speeding the software development process. It allows users with limited development knowledge to actively take part in the testing process, thus promoting joint work between business and development teams.

No-Code_Low-Code Testing

8- Scriptless Automation Testing

Testers do not need to write scripts or code to automate test cases when performing codeless automation testing. Typically, testers use scripts or code to automate test cases in traditional test automation. Testers can, however, create automated tests without writing code using scriptless automation tools because they provide a graphical interface or a set of predefined actions.
Scriptless Automation

9- Headless Browser Testing

This is a web application testing method where web apps are tested without any proper graphical user interface. This is the best way to test the apps for different devices and browsers. Not only is this method cost-effective but can also reduce time testing as well.  Because web apps are now becoming a major part of internet and business activities, keeping your eyes on this trend will help you a lot as an automation tester in 2024.
Headless Browser Testing

10- Shift Left Testing

Another major trend in automation testing in 2024 is aimed at detecting any error at earlier stages of development. Not only does it make bug testing convenient but it saves a lot of time for testers and developers along with cost. Bugs and errors found further are costly to fix.  Shift-left testing enables the tester to understand and detect defects from the start in the software development lifecycle when fixing them is easier and cheaper.

10- Shift Left Testing

Conclusion and Bonus The TestOps Integration:

Last but definitely not least is the TestOps Integration. With TestOps, an extension of DevOps practices to testing, gaining momentum, Automation tools will be incorporated into the TestOps pipeline to offer continuous feedback. They will not only be helpful in early bug detection, but they will also be helpful in smooth collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams.

Knowing and following these automation trends will help you stay ahead of th competition and stay up-to-date with the industry trends. While WeDEVX is already offering its latest SDET courses and information on the industry trends, doing your own research on the latest automation trends will help you to set yourself apart. 

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