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Who is wedevx for?

Who is DevX for?

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Earn course certificates and professional certifications to get recognized in a new role

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Our interactive learning materials are specifically crafted to help you learn faster at your own pace

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Junior IT specialists

The greatest professionals are continuous learners, and wedevx is the best investment for your career

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What our graduates are saying

Five Starts
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As someone with no prior experience in IT, I was a bit nervous about starting the program. However, I was quickly put at ease by the excellent curriculum and the support of the Wedevx team. Wedevx made it clear that they were invested in our success and were there to help us in any way they could.

  • Tetiana H.

Tetiana H.

Five Starts
Google Icon

This school is a great choice if you want to change your career to IT or even if you just simply want to boost up your current software skills! They will teach you how to code from scratch and will have you participate in the project which are as close to real life as possible, which will later help you to find a job!

  • testimonial Maryna N.

Maryna N.

Five Starts
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Best decision I’ve ever made is to start IT career with the help of DevX School. Our classes has started on November 2020, I was in US only for 8 months at that time. I had no background in programming, but I was able to successfully finish the school and get 3 offers! From waitress to an Automation QA Engineer at Chase.

  • testimonial Malika M.

Malika M.

Five Starts
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I am truly grateful for the experience and the skills I've gained , but also for being part of this supportive community. The program they teach is intensive , so be prepared for hard work. Frankly speaking I was very afraid to start but in reality it totally worth it.

  • testimonial Iryna R.

Iryna R.

Five Starts
Google Icon

Reasonable pricing, professional instructors, devoted mentors, like-minded students and a rigorous curriculum - everything you need to succeed! I was referred by my friend, who also successfully completed it and landed a job. I would highly recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a meaningful career change!

Duguef L.

Five Starts
Google Icon

The program is very intensive but If you're willing to put in full-time effort you'll get a lot out of this course and be ready to tackle a career in tech. Myself and my classmates found our dream jobs with 110k+ annual salary. I found a lot of new friends and of course with the help of DevX!


Five Starts
Google Icon

When I joined, I was a little bit skeptical about this school; however, the school definitely gives you all knowledge and experience in order to become a good specialist. Instructors in the school truly try to help students to successfully achieve desirable career. I would lie if I say that studying was easy, but it definitely pays off at the end!

Maria S.

Five Starts
Google Icon

The most rewarding 6 months of my life!If you want to step into the IT field but do not know where to start - a Devx school is the best place to reach! The SDET course is really intense but I believe that hard word pays off and if you're not satisfied with your current job and want to learn something new,then you're in the right time and place

Victoria L.

Five Starts
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The best opportunity to change your life in 6 months! Me and my classmates found a job with more than 110K annual salary. I got laid off because of COVID-19 but I found a solution to invest in myself and become the SDET.


Five Starts
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Choosing DevX was an excellent choise that I made so far. The course is very intensive and interactive. I am learning new topics and technologies everyday through this course. I love the culture here and all the instructors are super awesome. They do their best to ensure that, you are moving forward along with the course.

Ashikul K.

4.4 Rating

12 reviews

4.6 Rating

32 reviews

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