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$121,689/1 yr

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$111,536/1 yr

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$10,153/1 yr

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$121,689/1 yr









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Week 1 - Intro to Java


0 Exercises

Soft-Skills 1 - STAR Approach


1 Exercises

Class 1.0 - Class Structure


1 Exercises

Class 1.1 - Class Structure 2


4 Exercises

Class 1.2 - System.out.println


3 Exercises

Class 2.0 - Escape Characters in Java - Double Quote


2 Exercises

Class 2.1 - Escape Characters Single Quote


5 Exercises

Class 2.2 - Escape Characters Backslash


3 Exercises

Class 2.3 - Escape Character Break Line


2 Exercises

Class 2.4 - Escape Character Tab


1 Exercises

Class 3.0 - primitive data types in Java


6 Exercises

Class 3.1 - byte, short, int, long primitive data types in Java


2 Exercises

Class 3.2 - float and double primitive data types


2 Exercises

Class 3.3 - boolean primitive data type in Java


3 Exercises

Class 3.4 - char primitive data type in Java


1 Exercises

Class 3.5 - Variables in Java


5 Exercises

Class 3.6 - Primitive Data Types Practice


3 Exercises

Class 3.7 - How to print out variables with additional info

Week 2 - Math Operators in Java

Week 15 - Map Collections & Classes and Objects in Java

Week 16 - OOP Inheritance and Abstraction in Java

Week 17 - OOP Interface and Polymorphism in Java

Week 18 - Exceptions Handling in Java

Week 20 - Junit

Week 21 - TestNG

Week 22 - Cucumber

Week 23 - Selenium Intro

Week 24 - Selenium Basic Actions

Week 25 - Selenium POM

Week 26 - Selenium Framework

Week 27 - Intro To SQL DB

Week 28 - End To End Automation With Selenium and SQL

Week 29 - RestAPI Intro

Week 30 - RestAPI Framework

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Technologies you will learn


Java is an object-oriented programming language and a platform that helps professionals create complete applications. Java is also the most popularly used programming language for Selenium across the world.

Selenium icon

Selenium is the most prominent tool in the field of automation testing and most commonly used with Java. Both of these technologies together make a perfect combination for software automation testing.

Rest API

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow applications to talk to each other and help applications connect and transfer data and logic across applications.

JUNIT logo

A set of tools to optimize the creation and maintainability of JUnit-tests.The main feature of JUnit-Tools is to generate JUnit test-elements depending on an existing java-class and logic.


Jenkins is one open source tool to perform continuous integration and build automation. The basic functionality of Jenkins is to execute a predefined list of steps. The trigger for this execution can be time or event based.


Cucumber supports Behavior Driven Development and is one of the most popular approaches used in companies. Cucumber is a testing framework that helps automation to be more understandable.

Our instructors


Askar Musakunov

Co-founder | SDET Instructor


Adina Tilek

Co-founder | Soft Skills Instructor


Tim Sears

SDET Instructor



What kind of laptop do I need?

We recommend students have a laptop with the following minimum requirements:


256GB – Storage

Core i5.

Students can use both Mac and Windows, though we prefer Mac.

Do you guarantee a job?

DevX does not guarantee job placement, because interviews are handled by you. While we provide tools and skills for job search, the hiring process is handled by students directly.

Will I get a certificate after the course?

Students who successfully complete the course and pass the relevant exercises receive a certificate of completion of the course from DevX. Additionally, instructors prepare students for testing to obtain industry-recognized certificates.

Will I be able to get a job in SDET?

Organizations today are looking for a professional who can take part in software development & at the same time be involved in testing the developed software.

So, hiring an SDET helps them as they can develop high-performance code plus set up an automated testing infrastructure.

What are the payment options?

We offer flexible payment options such as monthly installments or pay in full option with discount.