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From Non-Tech To SDET: A Journey Of Transformation

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From Non-tech To Sdet A Journey Of Transformation


In the tech world, one of the most crucial elements is quality assurance which will ensure that the end product (apps and software) is working fine without a hitch and providing a great user experience. Not only are they crucial for quality but for performance as well. However, they are also notorious for being restrictive. But the thing is it is their job to find the problems and issues with the software before launched. They come up with different testing methods for the best results. While manual testing is still a major part of the testing field of tech the rise of automation testing is gaining popularity as well and it is highly unlikely that you haven’t noticed it.

SDET course is the best way to get into the tech industry, especially for those who don’t even have a technical background but want to transition to the tech field. As it is said manual testing isnt dead yet, automation testing skills offer much more edge over the regular testers and it gives the testers a way more time to experiment with the techniques. So if you have been looking for ways to get into the tech industry and even get a career that offers rather safe options then becoming an SDET or automation engineer is the best way. In this post let’s discuss the journey of becoming an SDET as a non-tech individual.

The Basics Of SDET

Let’s discuss the basics of SDET. The SDET is the acronym for Software Development/Design Engineer in Test. When you become an SDET you will have to take care of the scripts that you are about to create. Also, SDETs are the individuals that have skills of both the developers and testers thanks to the SDET courses and SDET bootcamps where you will learn about this (we will discuss it momentarily). As a developer, you will have skills in testing so you can work simultaneously. Your job isnt just about automating the tests but you have to find issues from the start of the software development through the code script that will further be used for software development as well.

Journey Of Transformation

Software testing and development are considered two separate fields. But with SDET, you will learn about both software development and testing. Even if you are a non-tech individual if you want to start your career in the SDET field then here is what you need to know Just when you are trying to apply for the SDET post then you should know that being an SDET will take your career to the next level, however, you should know that this transition requires time, patience, and skills to understand different programming languages.

Start with basics

To become a proficient SDET, one must always opt for strong basics. Because you will have to learn about different programming languages so, enrolling in a strong SDET course is crucial. Get a basic understanding of automation testing. Understand how automation scripts are created and how frameworks are created. Learn about the process of designing, creating, and maintaining test scripts. CI/CD pipelines and automated processes are integral parts of an organization’s CI/CD processes. There are many books available on QA Automation and various frameworks that offer in-depth knowledge.

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Try an online course

When you are about to make the transition then you will find this a bit complicated as a non tech person. You may even find this something that needs a huge learning curve. This is the reason why industry professionals recommend that you should be ready to learn more technical stuff at a technical level. With platforms like WEDEX, you will find a wide range of learning material from video lectures to a supportive community that will help you learn stuff at a technical level. You can choose from different paid and free SDET data online according to your understanding. Your first and foremost struggle during the transition would be learning about the technical terms and methodologies associated with different frameworks and automation tools. However, when you understand the basics of application automation and mobile application automation you will find them

Implementation of Automation in Personal Project

Whatever you will learn during the transition, implement these lessons and methods on your personal blog and website. This will help you gain a stronghold and expertise on automation basics and proficiently create automation tests especially when you implement from scratch. Consider creating an automation test case based on what you have learned to verify a website’s simple login feature.

Fail faster Learn Better

Several QA professionals will not become SDET after trying a little because they may fail at the start and will eventually stop trying. However, if you stay consistent and embrace your initial failures then you will learn even better which is far superior than reading from a book or video lecture. Just when your designed script didn’t work on the first attempt then you will learn a lot about the tool, framework, and language. Fixing the script or issue through different sources will let you learn even better and more effectively.  Additionally, knowing that you are not the only one with the same problem gives you more confidence.

Keep Up With The Latest Automation Tools

Keep in mind that the tech landscape is ever-evolving. So it is very likely that the automation tools you are working on will be consistently updating. With the help of a Newsletter, Tech Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube you can keep yourself updated about the latest tools, and improvements in them and learn about what is new in the QA world. You will also learn about new ways and updates that will be helpful to SDET aspirants.

Automating your manual tasks at work

When you are about to transition from a non-tech background to the SDET, practical knowledge matters a lot. So you should focus on managing your manual tasks while learning. Start automating 3 of the manual test cases that you created for your team using a simple automation tool and the programming language of your choice. As a result, it would benefit you personally, as well as your team and organization as a whole.

Final Words

When you are making your way towards the SDET from an existing career or NON tech career then things can be stressful at first. It can be daunting to make the transition from being a manual quality assurance engineer or non-technical individual to becoming an SDET. This would be the right time for you to start if you have the grit and curiosity to challenge yourself. Hopefully, this article will provide you with insight into what to expect and how to transition into an automation test engineer. As well as QA automation frameworks, these tips have helped me learn other new tools and technologies, and I hope that you will find them useful as well.

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Artur Aliev

Artur Aliev

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