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How to Decide if Programming is Right For You?

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How to Decide if Programming is Right For You


According to research, 58% of job vacancies in the “digital industry” require none other than coding skills. In fact, the demand for programmers has grown 50% more than the demand for other skills in the last 10 years. Now looking at coding’s hype, if you are thinking whether programming is right for you or not, then let us help.

Let’s discuss how to decide if programming is the most suitable career for you. 

5 Ways to Know Programming is Right For You

5 Ways to Know Programming is Right For You

Usually, we think that programming is the right career path for someone having a degree in computer sciences, IT, or software development. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even if you have traditional education or SDET Bootcamp certificates, it doesn’t imply that you should choose programming. It takes much more than this.

It is suggested to choose programming, only if:

You Have a Knack for Logic and Math

The very first thing you should know is that programming is a field where your ability to think logically, abstractly, and mathematically is mandatory. This is because programming languages operate on the principles of logic and mathematics. 

Whether you are required to build algorithms in Python, design a database with SQL, or develop a user interface with JavaScript, the foundation remains the same. It’s the logical problem-solving. The syntax might differ, but the logic (the skeleton that holds it all together) is universally mathematical.

Well, you don’t necessarily need to be a math genius. However, you must have a solid understanding of basic mathematical concepts and a strong logical reasoning capability. 

In simple words, if you love solving puzzles and building solutions with logic and math, programming is the right career choice for you.

You Enjoy Working With Technology 

You should know that programming is not just about writing code. It’s more like you create, improve, and interact with technology. All in ways that can change how we live and work. Therefore, you should choose programming if you frequently tinker with software to bring more advancements. 

Now, ask yourself. Have I ever spent hours configuring settings on the computer or a video game to optimize the performance? 

It might not have been because you were required to do it. But simply because you find it intriguing and joyful to work with technology. In fact, you might have built a website or app. No?

You also might have taken apart your tech-powered toys. Just to understand how they worked and assembled. These experiences are signs that you have a natural tendency to be good with technology-related pursuits. 

In simple words, if your passion for technology goes beyond mere usage and you enjoy creating and improving digital tools, then programming can offer you a fulfilling career path. 

You Have Strong Computer Skills

If you are good at finding your way around computers, know how the software works, or often help friends and family with their tech problems, then you have surely got the basic skills required for programming.

In fact, when you opt for programming with a base in strong computer skills, it opens up numerous career opportunities, from software development to cybersecurity. That’s exactly what you are looking for, right?

But it won’t be hassle-free. In order to transition your computer skills into programming, you will be required to grasp programming languages and development tools. This might start with learning scripting to automate tasks on your computer, progressing to more complex programming languages to build applications or software. 

In simple words, if you can leverage your computer knowledge and curiosity to tackle more complex challenges through code, then programming is right for you. 


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You are an All-Type-of-Problem-Solving Pro

If you can enjoy tackling challenges (puzzles, logical dilemmas, or everyday issues), then programming might be your ideal career path. That’s because programming values the ability to think critically, adapt, and devise effective solutions across a variety of situations. All in a stress-free manner.

But you should know that a problem-solving pro isn’t just good at solving math problems or fixing a leaky faucet. It means you can easily break down complex issues into manageable parts for quick resolution.

Let us be more clear. Your problem-solving skills would translate into diagnosing bugs in code, optimizing software performance, or developing new features that meet user requirements.

In simple words, if you are the type of person who finds satisfaction in coming up with solutions, then programming is right for you. This field offers a career filled with opportunities to apply and grow your soft skills.

You are Detail-Oriented and Creative 

Have you ever spent hours perfecting a school project or a personal hobby, making sure every detail was just right and unique? Perhaps you thoroughly organized a presentation to ensure it flows perfectly just to engage your audience in a way no one else could. If yes, then this mirrors the skills required in programming.

You should also know that if you find yourself instinctively thinking of ways to create better software, it’s a sign you have a natural inclination towards programming. Your ability to identify gaps and imagine solutions demonstrates your potential as an innovator in the tech field.

Therefore, you need to cultivate both your ability to focus on small details and your capacity for innovative thinking. It is suggested to practice coding exercises that improve your attention to detail, study design principles to enhance your creative thinking, or work on projects that challenge you to combine these skills.

In simple words, programming can surely be a rewarding career path for you if you can easily notice even the smallest details along with having a passion for creative problem-solving.

5 Ways to Know Programming Isn’t Right For You

5 Ways to Know Programming is not Right For You

Even if you have a profitable career opportunity right ahead of you, do not go for programming if you have doubts or concerns. For instance, programming requires patience, problem-solving skills, and a certain level of comfort with abstract thinking. If these don’t align with your traits or interests, then programming might not be the most fulfilling path for you.

So, programming isn’t right for you, if:

You Ain’t Curious About How Software Works

If you lack curiosity about how software works, you are not naturally inclined to explore the principles and mechanisms of programming. Without interest, programming can quickly become tedious or overwhelming for you. That’s something you would never want, right? 

But you should know that sometimes, curiosity is developed over time. If you are on the fence, keep engaging with programming on a basic level through introductory courses, such as SDET bootcamp. This will allow you to see if your interest grows.

You Can’t Work with Complex Systems

From understanding how different parts of software interact to managing databases and integrating various technologies, every aspect of programming requires you to go through complex systems. You must have a patient and analytical mindset for this. So, programming isn’t right for you if you lack this capability. 

But remember that it’s also possible what seems complex now may become more manageable over time. Therefore, if you are at the initial stage, don’t rush to judgment. Learning takes time, and your comfort with complexity will eventually grow.

You Can’t Evolve and Learn Continuously

Programming is surely constantly evolving as new technologies, languages, and methodologies keep emerging for advancements. So, if you find continuous learning and adapting to be daunting or unappealing, then unfortunately, programming is not the right career choice for you.

But there’s a possibility programming may work just fine for you. All you need to do is “adopt a growth mindset”. This means you need to convert challenges into opportunities and don’t be afraid of any obstacles. Indeed, the right mindset makes continuous learning hassle-free and it’s all that programming requires. 

You Ain’t Interested in Making a Difference 

Programming lets build software that boosts business efficiency, enhances daily life, or helps communities. It offers endless chances to make a meaningful difference. So, ask yourself. Do I really want to make a difference through my work? If the answer is no, then programming might not be right for you. 

Remember that there are many tech career options, which doesn’t focus on the broader impact. They are in fact, more on specific tasks or operational roles. So, you may opt for fields like data entry, administration, or certain types of engineering. Just go after the career path that offers the stability and focus you prefer.

You Can’t Work on Computer for Long Due to Health Issues

Programming will pose significant challenges if you have health concerns, such as migraine, back pain, or weak eyesight. Don’t go for it if you can’t sit for long hours with extended screen time. 

Well, you should know that some tech roles offer more flexibility with screen time. For instance, software project management or analysis is more about meetings, discussions, and planning. All away from the computer. But still, if you are too passionate and want to choose programming, then you should use ergonomic equipment. Don’t forget to take regular breaks to help mitigate your health issues.


Indeed, programming empowers you to solve problems, automate tasks, and create innovative technology. All while offering a highly profitable career path. However, it is mandatory to know whether programming is right for you or not. Keep in mind that programming is right for you only if you enjoy solving problems with a keen interest in advancing the world through tech.x

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Artur Aliev

Artur Aliev

Since 2013 i am building a vibrant online presence for e-commerce and retail brands across diverse industries. In 2021 I turned my passion towards the exciting world of programming and turned newfound knowledge into insightful articles that guide and inspire learners of all levels. While working with WEDEVX for almost a year i learned a lot about software testing, QA and coding bootcamps firsthand from instructors and top-earners in their field.


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